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The Red Solo Preamp is a Home Brew from, Jason lambson, the engineer behind Vintage Audio and is an all new Design that is unique in architecture, with Solo artists needs in mind.

We have received a lot of emails over the years asking us to design a single channel preamp with all of the sonic quality you’ve come to expect from Vintage Audio’s designs and now at long last it has arrived!

The Red Solo Pre is a perfect partner for solists who just need one excellent preamp to do it all.

Due to its compact size, high headroom and bandwidth, not to mention sleek look, it meets all of these needs handily at a price that is affordable and is built in the USA with the quality you expect from Vintage Audio Designs.

The design Features 60Db worth of gain, an ultra low noise floor, Excellent Bandwidth and headroom, Fet DI input and a transformer output switching option to sit any source perfectly in the mix. The Red Solo is unlike any design you have heard and is a boutique preamp that is perfect for vocals and guitar recordings all with the ease of one dial. Get a pair and throw them on overheads and they will astonish you! The Red Solo Pre, like all Vintage Audio units, utilizes Mil Spec components and the finest parts throughout, for the utmost clarity and lowest possible noise. We have taken all of our years of experience Modifying equipment and tailoring sound to squeeze excellence into a desktop box worthy of any application but with Solists specifically in mind.  Its ultralow noise floor and sonic character was designed to sit vocals perfectly into any mix. Put it on Guitar, drums and more and let the preamp do the work! By switching between Transformer and Active output stages you can sonically shift the Harmonic content in a way that fits your needs and is one of our favorite features. The DI on these is a no compromise J-fet design with loads of headroom and dynamic range that is one of the finest DI’s on the market.  These beautiful preamps are handmade here in our shop in the USA and are completely hand wired like all of our models.

Simplicity and Beauty is the Mantra of Vintage Audio and the Red Solo is not exception

  •     J-Fet DI (discrete) input

             Remote Relay switched: Transformer output/Active output option

             60Db worth of Gain

             48Volt phantom is on board for condensers and other studio microphones.

             Vintage DBX 130020 output transformer

             High Performance Burr Brown amps

             Noise floor: 150 Ohm source: <-128dB

             High quality Panasonic, Vishay and Wima parts for all PCB mounted components.

Warranty covers parts and labor but not users error, please make sure you read all necessary literature prior to hooking devices up and before you apply signal or power as devices can become damaged in this way, Most items will be return shipped to customers within 48 hours of receiving them upon inspection and repair..No money back will be given as warranty only covers the repair of the item warranted