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The Vintage Audio MSL is a stereo channel VCA buss compressor with a familiar architecture. The MSL utilizes dual RMS detection, dual VCA compression and provides all of that great glue needed at mix down. It has a healthy list of Practical features with a sound that costs twice as our competitors. We build these using nothing but the finest components. Take advantage of the introductory pricing!

The MSL has a selectable Ratio, Attack, Release, and Sidechain input with frequency selections that we found to be most useful to mix engineers. The frequencies range from 60Hz to 440Hz, a useful function for tracking and mixing instruments like piano or other percussion instruments (440Hz).

Compression character is one of the main reasons engineers reach for a certain piece to do the job. In the MSL, though you will most likely find yourself leaving it in normal mode, we have incorporated the Detect Out feature to remove one of the RMS sidechain circuits. This feature provides great character and an aggressive compression. The feature is nice for effects, squashing room mics or other sources that simply need to be aggressively tamed. 

Sometimes it is hard to tell exactly what is happening to the program material when using subtle compression. Our True Bypass is a perfect solution, it routes the input directly to the output completely bypassing the compressor and all line amp stages.

Left and Right Vu Meters illuminate the front panel and dance to the music! The Vu meter selector allows you to choose: Input, Output and Aggregate Gain Reduction.

Compression bypass allows the user the ability to bypass the compression but still run signal thru the line amplifiers for coloration.

These beautiful Buss Compressors are handmade here in our shop in the USA and are completely hand wired like all of our models.

The Vintage Audio MSL utilizes my custom designed MUSE Mainboard and has excellent on board filtering and Ac ripple knockdown.

Our MSL model comes with a full Two year warranty and is built to the highest standard using the highest quality components.
Each unit is new, hand assembled and wired and under-goes a grueling 24 hours of consistent audio pummeling for burn in and overall break in. 

  • By Vintage Audio Products
    Ratio: 2,4,10
  • Attack: .1, .3, .5, 1, 3, 10, 30mS
  • Release: .1,.3,.5,1.2, AUTO (Sec)
  • VU selection: Input, Output, Gain Reduction
  • Sidechain selection: External, Off, 60, 90, 150, 240, 440Hz
  • Compression Bypass
  • Detector bypass (Compression character feature)
  • True Bypass
  • External Sidechain input
  • 20Db Gain Makeup
Each unit is new, hand assembled and wired and under-goes a grueling 24 hours of consistent audio pummeling for burn in and overall break in.

My parents taught me to invest my money wisely and that I shouldn't simply be buying something, I should be investing in something. As my dad was heard to say after a long debate over the new fridge "I only want to buy this fridge once!"

We understand that Audio is your business and is an investment. I have designed all of our preamps and compressors not only to sound second to none but to last for years and years to come.

These are handmade here in our shop in the USA!

Free shipping inside the continental US, Add $25 for HI, PR

Contact us for a shipping quote if you are not inside the continental US.

Premium components including:

• Dual VU Meters

• Vishay/Dale resistors

• Panasonic FC and Nichicon electrolytic capacitors

• Wima capacitors

• Vishay capacitors

• Handpicked High Hfe Transistors

• Premium diodes

• Honeywell Mill-Spec conductive plastic pots.

• Premium Canare cabling

• Neutrik connectors

• Avel/Lindberg power transformer (110-240vac based on destination).

Warranty covers parts and labor but not users error, please make sure you read all necessary literature prior to hooking devices up and before you apply signal or power as devices can become damaged in this way, Most items will be return shipped to customers within 48 hours of receiving them upon inspection and repair..No money back will be given as warranty only covers the repair of the item warranted