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Vintage Audio M76 / Purple MC76 Comparison
by Jason Lambson

For this comparison we have a M76 vs the MC76. I thought this would be a fun comparison to post. The purpose of this test is not to convince the listener that one is better as clearly Purple makes a wonderful box, but rather to illustrate the tonal differences. I am a firm believer in no tool to rule them all. Certain peices just sound better for certain styles of music and I realize that the M76 isnt for everyone but for those that love it thanks!

So for the test I picked out one of my songs written some years ago from the vault that has a little mixing done and is far from complete. Raw is the game and I think it illustrates well what we set out to prove. First we set the Attack and Release at mid position. The RMS Gain reduction was set to be the same which almost paralled the input and output control settings between the two units.The Ratio of 4:1 was set on both.

I felt that vocals and bass might be nice to model the comparison for the ears. I have included both solo'd versions of the tracks with processing as well as in the mix versions. There is some mix buss processing consisting of compression and limiting which is also audible. One of my favorite things about our wondeful Fet monster is that is track stacks really well and sits wonderfully in the mix, please browse them all. They are MP3 format which has some draw backs but again showcases a real world audio scenario, other formats are avaialble opon request (MP3, WAV, etc).

M76 Bass:

M76 Bass + Mix:

M76 Vocals:

M76 Vocals + Mix:

M76 All + Mix:

MC76 Bass:

MC76 Bass + Mix:

MC76 Vocals:

MC76 Vocals + Mix:

MC76 All + Mix: