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The M72 is a 1272 style, dual channel, all discrete, Class A, transformer coupled preamp. An all discrete transistor based design is used on the M72 and offers a Direct Input on both channels as well as Phantom, Phase, Pad and Impedance switching.

The M72 is a dual stage preamp that offers fantastic headroom and a ton of character making them a favorite on guitars, vocals, you name it. The two stages of amplification provide the user with 55db of gain at the output.

The M72 also offers an impedance switch at the microphone input between 300 ohms and 1.2k. The variable impedance is really nice for Ribbon microphones but works well as a color option as well. We use Carnhill UK transformers to keep the sounds as close as is possible to the original.

They impart a thick footprint a make everything sound large and focused. People just love the M72 sound on vocals!

These beautiful Dual Channel Class A Hot Rod preamps are handmade here in our shop in the USA and are completely hand wired like all of our models.

The Vintage Audio M72 utilizes my custom designed MU72 dual channel preamp board and has excellent on board filtering and Ac ripple knockdown.

Our M72 model comes with a full one year warranty and is built to the highest standard using the highest quality components.  See warranty details below.

    •    Direct inputs on both channels
    •    Remote Relay switched: pad, and phase for lower noise floor.
    •    Impedance switching between 300 and 1.2k ohms

    •    48Volt phantom is on board for condensers and other studio
    •    Transformer coupled inputs and outputs.
    •    Original Carnhill input and output transformers.
    •    Variable output controls that allow the user to adjust the amount of signal that hits the last stage of amplification and the output transformer.
    •    High quality Panasonic, Vishay and Wima parts for all PCB mounted components.

Each unit is new, hand assembled and wired and under-goes a grueling 24 hours of consistent audio pummeling for burn in and overall break in. 

My parents taught me to invest my money wisely and that I shouldn't simply be buying something, I should be investing in something. As my dad was heard to say after a long debate over the new fridge "I only want to buy this fridge once!"

We understand that Audio is your business and is an investment. I have designed all of our preamps and compressors not only to sound second to none but to last for years and years to come.

Take advantage of the introductory pricing!

These are handmade here in our shop in the USA!

Because they are assembled by humans, not machines, it typically takes 3 business days to ship as they are built to order.

Free shipping inside the continental US, Add $25 for HI, PR

Contact us for a shipping quote if you are not inside the continental US.

Testimonial: "I purchased these 1272 and your 1073 preamps and they are awesome! Great reproductions and well made!"

Premium components including:

• Vishay Dale resistors,
• Panasonic FC capacitors,
• Vishay, Ceramic Caps
• Handpicked Hfe Transistors,
• Canare cabling,
• Bourns & Honeywell , Low Noise, conductive plastic potentiometers,
• Ed Anderson's Marinar Reproduction input and output transformers,
• Superb Power supply filtering.
• Avel/Lindberg power transformer (110-240vac based on destination).

Warranty covers parts and labor but not users error, please make sure you read all necessary literature prior to hooking devices up and before you apply signal or power as devices can become damaged in this way, Most items will be return shipped to customers within 48 hours of receiving them upon inspection and repair..No money back will be given as warranty only covers the repair of the item warranted