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The Vintage Audio M3D Skyline is a Stereo channel Six band dynamic equalizer based on a classic design but with a number of modern improvements for the utmost fidelity, headroom and control in both Mixdown and Mastering applications.
That said; don’t be shy to use its mastering quality equalization anywhere including: drum overheads, room mics, piano vocals and more.
Its sounds phenomenal anywhere you put it!

The unique Architecture of our M3D Skyline is a completely Mono Block signal path using High performance Burr Brown opamps, Premium low tolerance Wima Filter components, Premium Panasonic Capacitors, Mil Spec Resistors and Monster 22V Rails for maximum headroom, musicality and clarity.

The completely Variable, Stereo Frequency band potentiometers allow you to get it just right with minimal effort every time.
Large Ergonomic Solid aluminum knobs make it easy to roll your band into the zone.
Some may ask, why not Detented pots if this is a Mastering Equalizer also?

When designing this unit we found that the variable potentiometer controls we chose were very easy to re-call and dial in without the use of detents and of course allow for finer control making detents completely un-necessary and in some ways not as preferred.

The Skylines six bands were carefully chosen as the most crucial bands to boost or cut in any musical material and allow perfect equalization of program material without all the mess and re-call frustration of sweeping bands and Q controls.

While some engineers may look at the lack of control as unusual, all you need to do is hook it up and start using it to understand the beauty of the design and that it’s all you need for polished mixes, drums and Mastering equalization.

One of our favorite things about the Skyline is that it offers a wonderful sounding Bell Curve Sub Band and Shelf Based Atmosphere band that can take small semi-pro or project studio mixes and completely rejuvenates them with broader response and more energy.

All Eq bands on the Skyline were carefully chosen for the most musical sounding cut and boost you have ever heard all with stereo precision and the ease of use you expect in a fine boutique Vintage Audio product.

Bands Include:
By Vintage Audio Products•     Sub Band Bell Curve (10Hz)
•     40Hz
•     160Hz
•     650Hz
•     2.5Khz
•     Variable Atmosphere Shelf Band (2.5K, 5K, 10K, 20K, 40K).

The M3D Skyline naturally comes complete with a variable input control on the front panel to eliminate overloading when boosting multiple bands. Left and Right channel overload is indicated by the Left/Right indicators when the headroom is being reached. The internal Remote Relay operated true bypass feature allows for easy over the shoulder gut checks when you not sure where you have been and where you are going with your equalization.

Features Include:
•     Truly stereo operation with unique Mono Block Architecture.
•     High Performance Burr Brown Opamps throughout for maximum Clarity and musical Response.
•     Six bands of Bandpass equalization for the lowest possible phase shift
•     True Relay bypass for accurate reference
•     Completely Variable frequency level controls for each band with a +15db/-5db Boost/Cut.
•     Frequency response of 10Hz-75K
•     Headroom +30Dbu
•     Custom Ultra Clean MU2448V Power Supply at +/-22V for loads of headroom and fidelity.

Each unit is new, hand assembled and wired and under-goes a grueling 24 hours of consistent audio pummeling for burn in and overall break in.

We understand that Audio is your business and is an investment. I have designed all of our preamps and compressors not only to sound second to none but to last for years and years to come.

These are handmade here in our shop in the USA!

Free shipping inside the continental US, Add $25 for HI, PR

Contact us for a shipping quote if you are not inside the continental US.

Warranty covers parts and labor but not users error, please make sure you read all necessary literature prior to hooking devices up and before you apply signal or power as devices can become damaged in this way, Most items will be return shipped to customers within 48 hours of receiving them upon inspection and repair..No money back will be given as warranty only covers the repair of the item warranted